Friday, 7 September 2012

4th Grade Fizzix.

I'd like to say I'm revisiting this anecdote for some serious social commentary. But in truth I was reading an old diary of mine and it just tickled my funny bone.

Kids are classic when it comes to interpreting the questions we ask them...and in terms of how simply they see a subject.

When Oldest Son was in 4th Grade, for some reason his teacher decided to teach them Newton’s Laws of Motion . When some time later, I found my son's homework sheet on the topic, some of his answers were priceless…

Newton’s First Law of Motion says “An object in motion tends to stay in motion & an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless acted on by an outside force.”

To the question, “If you leave a cookie on a plate and no one else is in the house, where will the cookie be in an hour?”, he responded It depends on whether they come back to the house later.cookie

To the question “The horse you are riding stops quickly; what happens to you?”, he wrote Depends how tight you’re holding on.

The 3rd Law says “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction.”

To the question “Two ice-skaters glide into each other at full speed; what will happen?, he replied They fall down, duh.

Sounds to me like he gets it.

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