Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pregnancy Birth & Baby Hotline (Australia)

Launched on July 1, 2010, Australia’s Pregnancy Birth & Baby Hotline is a new service which aims to give women, their partners and families somewhere to turn for information and support on everything from reproductive health, pregnancy and birthing, through to their child’s first birthday.

The important things for readers of FoF is that male partners and new dads are one of the main focuses of the service. Hotline management said in a recent email to me, ’There is a growing understanding that dads need as much support during the early years of life as mums do, so there are two specialised male counsellors available on the helpline as well as trained staff who can provide information on local support networks and services for dads.’

To which I say, ‘Finally.’

See number in image above.


  1. Unfortunately, many pregnancies are unplanned and this can harm families. Calling a help line can really help because they can give you options and tips for the best outcome. Children do best when both mother and father are part of their lives.
    Fred Hutchinson |